lördag 19 mars 2011

ARDITI – Leading the Iron Resistance
Equilibrium Music, 2011 (EQM033)

Faithful to their path, Arditi return with “Leading the Iron Resistance”. After the more orchestral approach found in their previous album “Omne Ensis Impera” and the use of folk elements that characterized the “Statues of Gods” EP, on their fifth full-length recording the Swedish duo partially emphasize the Industrial side of their music, with the extensive use of loops and recurring themes adding a semi-obsessive tone to the Classical-themed militaristic sound-sculpturing.

Release Date: 2010.03.20 (CD) / 2010.04.15 (Vinyl)

Leading the Iron Resistance” is a work that raises a warning flag against the false freedom of our age, and which seeks to inspire new ways of resistance through Unity. A work that documents values and virtues that now seem lost, echoing through muddy recordings filled with blaring horns and somber narrations from days past. A work that beckons a call to arms, set to the pace of martial percussions, stirring orchestrations and powerful choirs. A work that instills the forging a new Man, under the leadership of Arditi!

Released on matt-coated Digipak CD with silver hot-foil finishing on front, and in 12” 180gr. vinyl, available both on black or marbled vinyl, with matching covers, each limited to 250 copies.

Tracklist: 01. Leading the Iron Resistance | 02. False Mask of Freedom | 03. Volunteers | 04. Military Virtue | 05. Fahnen Ewigkeit | 06. Arming for War | 07. Forging a New Man | 08. We the Unity, You the Mass | 09. A Giant Bleeds