lördag 13 december 2014

New Marduk album, with bonustrack made in co-operation with Arditi


fredag 28 februari 2014

New split-EP from the masters of martial industrial
ATOMTRAKT & ARDITI coming end of march 2014.


tisdag 7 januari 2014

Track taken from the Leidungr album "De Nio Kraftsångerna" 2013.

LEIDUNGR is a Nordic Ritual Folk project by H. Möller (of ARDITI), M. Belfagor (of OFERMOD) and P. Ståhl.


Arditi track created for Acherontas on their latest album "Amenti" (W.T.C Productions 2013)


måndag 28 oktober 2013

New ARDITI track on the Heathen Harvest “Samhainwork II” compilation. 

For the second year running Heathen Harvest is proud to orchestrate – and be part of – a unique occasion. We are honoured to bring together a group of highly talented artists in one place, offering music never heard before by the HH readership. Our Samhainwork albums adhere to a simple but important ethos: to celebrate this auspicious time of the year with a musical gathering, respect and reverence for the the beginning of the Dark Half.  The composers on this album have indebted us by offering completely new works from the dark ambient, noise, neofolk genres and beyond.


lördag 28 september 2013

The track "Imposing Elitism" is a NEW track for an upcoming ARDITI release 2013. Subscribe to our youtubechannel: http://www.youtube.com/user/arditichannel

tisdag 24 september 2013

LEIDUNGR is a Nordic Ritual Folk project by H. Möller (of ARDITI), M. Belfagor (of OFERMOD) and P. Ståhl. The debut album, “De Nio Kraftsångerna” is released on Digipak CD via Equilibrium Music.



söndag 3 mars 2013

This track is taken from "De nio kraftsångerna" released 2013 by Equilibrium Music.
Order the CD: orders@equilibriummusic.com 


måndag 18 februari 2013

LEIDUNGR is a Nordic Ritual Folk project by H. Möller (of ARDITI), M. Belfagor (of OFERMOD) and P. Ståhl. “De Nio Kraftsångerna” is the name of the long awaited debut album, released in February 2013 via Equilibrium Music on matt varnished Digipak CD with copper printing. 

(14.00EUR – shipping included worldwide) 


måndag 24 december 2012

Bellum Musicae: Arditi interview, December 2012

Michael Ray: It is now generally an established fact with the Martial-Industrial-Ambient-Neoclassical scene, that Arditi is one of the most influential projects, and has almost single-handedly helped to make it what it is. What would think of this statement? Can it really be said that Arditi has largely founded this genre?

M. Björkman: As flattering as this would be I would say it is an exaggeration. When we started Arditi we had quite a lot of influence from bands like Der Blutharsch and Allerseelen that had been around far longer than us. After this I would say we have moved into a direction to distinguish ourselves properly in this genre and likely in many ways leading the way for others.......