lördag 22 januari 2011

Still a few copies available:
contact : puissance@hotmail.com

ARDITI "Swordshield" Pin (Exclusive heavy handmade Pin 32x22mm. Sword and Hammers in silver with black background) €13

ARDITI "Unity of Blood" Box Set, EP (A bag version of this 7 inch from 2002. Including  original EP, poster, T-shirt and an exlusive handmade heavy pin. Numbered and limited to only 27 copies) €50

ARDITI/SIGNA INFERRE "Statues of Gods" Limited Bag Set (Collector's edition of this split release. Lim. 50 copies, in grey vinyl. Includes Arditi and Signa Inferre t-shirts, with 10" cover motif and logo-sleeve print) €38

måndag 17 januari 2011

Les Fragments de la Nuit return with their second masterpiece. Lush nocturnal Neo-Classical pieces forming an epic soundtrack that runs from quiet, melancholy-driven moments to stirring, violent passages and eerie moods.