torsdag 9 december 2010

The track "False mask of freedom" is a new track which will be included on the
upcoming album "Leading the iron resistance" (Equilibrium music)

söndag 28 november 2010

We sing the praise of war.
Not for the way
it makes people die,
but for the way
it makes people come alive.

Leidungr is a Swedish neofolk ambient project formed 2010.
The first release planned is a 7" inch vinyl on the Estonian label Fronte nordico

lördag 6 november 2010

"Leading the Iron Resistance" is the chosen title for the new forthcoming album. Its
production is now complete, keeping faithful to the established Martial Industrial
tradition spawned by Arditi, the 9 tracks hold a promise of more gut wrenching and
epic struggle in the cold trenches of warfare.

In a simultaneous release, the second album "Spirit of Sacrifice" will also be
re-issued, bearing a new artwork and also one additional and exclusive track from its
original recording sessions of 2004

"Destiny of Irony" 7" EP
Equilibrium Music 2006
"Jedem das Seine" 7 " EP
Miriquidi Records 2003
(Alternative version of the cover)

torsdag 21 oktober 2010

tisdag 12 oktober 2010

"Ploughshares into swords"

Our past sufferings were lessons,
and for every lesson we took our will got only stronger
These decades of misery were a lesson,
And for each minute it passed our goal got only closer

And the final lesson, and its final assignment
We give to you this day
Take whatever you have at hand
And turn it into a weapon
Take whatever feelings you have left
And turn them into hatred

For there are no losers in our war
It brings glory to the victors
It edifies the character of the noble defeated
And it makes extinct what should not exist in the first
And when our day comes…

All fields lie fallow
All the grounds are ripe with blood
Words echo hollow
When every ploughshare’s made a sword

Comfort is the most dangerous enemy we face today
It lingers and renders you incapable of any action worthwhile

Serenity is a poison as deadly as any other
It pacifies you and induces a state of mind
In which you do not even recognize the most essential
tributes of your existence

Our war is a wakeup call
It will bring us back where we belong
It will revaluate everything
It will provide for us a reason for our existence
This is not the war to end all wars
This is the war that will never end…

All fields lie fallow
All the grounds are ripe with blood
Words echo hollow
When every ploughshare’s made a sword

 "The Spirit of Sacrifice"
In these unpleasant and ignorant days
don't ask us for happiness,for tolerance or bliss
or the condoning of decadent ways
Ask us for the fire that is in our hearts
For that burning word that needs to be sown,
that will set the mind of our people aflame
Ask us for an annihilating hour of ecstacy
Don't ask us to soothen what wounds you may have
but ask us to weed out what shouldn't be there
but for too long have been.
Ask us to take back what is ours by right
That iron laurel of our broken will
may be repossessed by liberating deeds

torsdag 7 oktober 2010

ARDITI "Hammershield" Badge

(92x75mm. Symbol in white black Background)

måndag 4 oktober 2010

ARDITI "Hammersymbol" Badge

(90x70mm. Symbol in silver on black Background)

ARDITI "Hammershield" Pin

(Metal-pin 32x22mm. Symbol in silver black Background)

ARDITI "Swordshield" Pin

(Exclusive heavy handmade Pin 32x22mm. Sword and Hammers in silver with black background)

tisdag 28 september 2010

New fullength album will be called "Leading the Iron Resistance" and will be out this year on Equilibrium Music.