måndag 19 december 2011

Arditi - A Giant Bleeds
From the latest album "Leading the Iron Resistance"

fredag 16 september 2011

Area Bombardment is a martial/neofolk band from Dublin Ireland
currently on Lichterklang records from Germany.

Arditi "Standards of Triumph" CD/7"inch woodbox

Boxset edition lim. to 50 copies. Containing the CD version of "Standards of Triumph" in Digipak, the "Destiny of Iron" 7" EP, Arditi 135cm x 90cm Standard, A2 poster and postcards in a wooden box, with laser-engraved Arditi logo. Sold out.

fredag 1 juli 2011

Arditi - Destiny of a god

The track "Destiny of a god" is a bonustrack from the second album
"Spirit of Sacrifice" re-released 2011 on Equilibrium music.

lördag 4 juni 2011

TRIARII "Exile" CD out on Eternal Soul summer 2011

Promoteaser online:

måndag 16 maj 2011

Now available! Order at: puissance@hotmail.com

ARDITI "Leading the Iron Resistance" CD (Arditi return, emphasizing an Industrial side on their Classical-themed militaristic sound-sculpturing. Digipak w/silver hot-foil) €13

ARDITI "Spirit of sacrifice" CD (Re-issue, with revised artwork, on matt Digipak, complete with spot-varnish. Features classic Arditi anthems such as "Religion of the Blood", "Palingenesis" or "Nicht Mehr Schande" and bonustrack) €13

måndag 2 maj 2011

söndag 24 april 2011

söndag 3 april 2011

Karjalan Sissit - Miserere 10th Anniversary edition LP

Limited edition of 399 copies
Normal edition of 3oo copies in black vinyl
Special edition of 99 copies in blue vinyl, first 10 incl. the whitelabel
all in a gatefold cover with poster.

Leidungr "Sunsymbol" patch.

Fantastic patch created by Freki Wodenswolf. 11x11cm. This one is
made of solid tanned leather. It is handtooled and dyed.

lördag 26 mars 2011

Check out the new Arditi page on Facebook:


Leidungr - "Styrkans herre"
Track from "Hell eder asar" 7 inch vinyl out on Fronte Nordico April 2011.

lördag 19 mars 2011

ARDITI - Spirit of Sacrifice
Equilibrium Music, 2011 (EQM032)

Originally issued in 2004, “Spirit of Sacrifice” was Arditi’s second full-length album, a release that would not only establish them as one of the leading projects in the Martial Industrial scene, but also one which brought along the controversy that seems to come with such a post. Concerns regarding Arditi’s imagery and their references to the Italian Futurist Movement prompted some of the press to refuse any coverage of the band, leading to timid promotion for the album upon release, as the original label discreetly retracted from a more active role in its exposure. The name Arditi gained something of a cult status nevertheless, as their followers grew steadily in numbers and new alliances were forged. These included a colaboration with Toroidh, at the time a recently established project by Nordvargr of Mz.412, which resulted in the “United in Blood” album. Shortly after, Arditi would also come to be invited by the notorious Swedish Black Metal band Marduk to contribute material to a couple of their albums.

Release Date: 2010.03.20 (CD) / 2010.04.15 (Vinyl)

Unavailable for some years, “Spirit of Sacrifice” is now given a proper re-issue, with revised artwork, both on matt Digipak, complete with spot-varnish, and also for the first time on collector’s 12” vinyl, pressed in black and black/red marble 180gr. vinyl, each pressing hand-numbered and limited to 250 copies. The album features classic Arditi anthems such as “Religion of the Blood”, “Palingenesis” or “Nicht Mehr Schande”, and has also been augmented with one bonus track in this reissue.

Tracklist: 01. Palingenesis | 02. Religion of the Blood | 03. Spirit of Sacrifice | 04. Nicht Mehr Schande | 05. Our Misfortune | 06. The Measures of Our Age | 07. Blood Firmament | 08. Sieg Durch Zwecksetzung | 09. Exeunt | 10. Destiny of a God (bonus track!)


ARDITI – Leading the Iron Resistance
Equilibrium Music, 2011 (EQM033)

Faithful to their path, Arditi return with “Leading the Iron Resistance”. After the more orchestral approach found in their previous album “Omne Ensis Impera” and the use of folk elements that characterized the “Statues of Gods” EP, on their fifth full-length recording the Swedish duo partially emphasize the Industrial side of their music, with the extensive use of loops and recurring themes adding a semi-obsessive tone to the Classical-themed militaristic sound-sculpturing.

Release Date: 2010.03.20 (CD) / 2010.04.15 (Vinyl)

Leading the Iron Resistance” is a work that raises a warning flag against the false freedom of our age, and which seeks to inspire new ways of resistance through Unity. A work that documents values and virtues that now seem lost, echoing through muddy recordings filled with blaring horns and somber narrations from days past. A work that beckons a call to arms, set to the pace of martial percussions, stirring orchestrations and powerful choirs. A work that instills the forging a new Man, under the leadership of Arditi!

Released on matt-coated Digipak CD with silver hot-foil finishing on front, and in 12” 180gr. vinyl, available both on black or marbled vinyl, with matching covers, each limited to 250 copies.

Tracklist: 01. Leading the Iron Resistance | 02. False Mask of Freedom | 03. Volunteers | 04. Military Virtue | 05. Fahnen Ewigkeit | 06. Arming for War | 07. Forging a New Man | 08. We the Unity, You the Mass | 09. A Giant Bleeds


Hell Eder Asar 7"
Fronte Nordico LR I

First in the forthcoming 7" series on Fronte Nordico. Leidungr is a new project of H. Moller (Arditi). Together with M. Belfagor (Ofermod) and P. Stahl he is doing a kind of ritual archaic pagan folk with some ambient and martial elements and ancient Norse lyrics reminding of Waldteufel, Blood Axis and Werkbund's "Rungholt" series.

lördag 22 januari 2011

Still a few copies available:
contact : puissance@hotmail.com

ARDITI "Swordshield" Pin (Exclusive heavy handmade Pin 32x22mm. Sword and Hammers in silver with black background) €13

ARDITI "Unity of Blood" Box Set, EP (A bag version of this 7 inch from 2002. Including  original EP, poster, T-shirt and an exlusive handmade heavy pin. Numbered and limited to only 27 copies) €50

ARDITI/SIGNA INFERRE "Statues of Gods" Limited Bag Set (Collector's edition of this split release. Lim. 50 copies, in grey vinyl. Includes Arditi and Signa Inferre t-shirts, with 10" cover motif and logo-sleeve print) €38

måndag 17 januari 2011

Les Fragments de la Nuit return with their second masterpiece. Lush nocturnal Neo-Classical pieces forming an epic soundtrack that runs from quiet, melancholy-driven moments to stirring, violent passages and eerie moods.